Organo Gold Australia – What’s all the Buzz About?

Organo Gold Australia – What’s all the Buzz About?

organogoldThere is a lot of buzz around the industry as Organo Gold Australia is coming to Australia. This company is a 4 year old company that is already very successful in North America and is now expanding into Australia and predicted to launch in the first quarter. I don’t drink coffee so it wouldn’t pique my interest… but I see there are many networkers flocking to this oppportunity.


Organo Gold Australia – Company History

The company was founded in 2008 in the Phillipines by Bernado Chua and is already open in over 13 countries and expanding. The company has had very quick growth with Revenue in 2010 estimated $35 million with approx. 60,000 distributors worldwide, $150 million and 175,000 distributors in 2011. Est. revenue 2012 $300 million and 350,000 distributors. Est. number  of distributors in 2015: 1 million and $800 million revenue.

Organo Gold top earners are featured in and 4 of the top earners out of 10 are from Organo Gold. Will Organo Gold Australia add to these impressive numbers?

Organo Gold Australia – The Products

Organo Gold Australia will not only be selling coffee products but green teas, hot chocolate, supplements and personal care. Although these products may seem particularly unrelated they do have one thing in common and that is an ingredient called Ganoderma which is a Chinese mushroom that has health benefits and no side effects and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for 4000 years.

If you are a coffee drinker then it makes sense to drink organic coffee that makes you feel better and not have the nasty side effects.

Organo Gold Australia – The Compensation Plan

The Organo Gold compensation plan appears simple as it is a binary plan which gives the average networker more chance of success based on having to focus on balancing just 2 legs of volume. They have  7 income centres including fast start, residual team, dual group bonus, check match, car expense bonuses, and of course, retail profit.

To qualify for your bonus you are required to maintain a $54+ a month auto-ship and $300 commission volume. I can’t say I am particularly fond of the forced auto-ship as although this means the company has customers it also can put some people in financial hardship.

Organo Gold Australia – Marketing

The company has been doing particularly well in North America using a simple system of home parties and sampling. Give out a sample and follow up with a phone call. Home parties are held to do tastings and show the presentations. This will work well to get to the top if you have a large circle of influence and have a natural gift of the gab. However, for some this strategy may fall short when they have ran out of friends and family to talk to.

It’s obvious that to really make substantial income with Organo Gold Australia you really need a very large customer base that retains their monthly auto-ship and an army of distributors.

Like any MLM/Network Marketing company the big income comes from the latter. If you want to get to the top fast you need more than just your mouth doing the work. You need hundreds of leads daily all working for you whether your working or not. Whether in Organo Gold Australia or not you need leads and a marketing system to put you ahead of the rest.

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  1. Tyler agent says

    Thanks for the post, and all of the info. And I honestly had no idea that organo gold was such a big thing, and that some people took it so seriously. Then again I don’t know much about gold myself.

  2. shannon boyd says

    It is going to be a massive thing. Over 1.5 Million dolalrs worth of products already pre ordered, and a little over 1200 people all primed ready to share this awesome coffee. Those that get in early (Pre launch) will be the ones that create the momenttum to help this thing go big.

  3. organo gold coffee says

    Great Blog!
    One of the best coffee and fastest growing business.
    Organo gold certainly giving his best quality product to the world.

  4. Organo Gold Australia says

    Those who have stock and able to sell the product will be the ones to succeed.
    Only a few of the early ones with the right connections have the product instock.

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