MLM Recruiting: How to Sponsor Quality over Qauntity

MLM Recruiting: How to Sponsor Quality over Quantity


Are you struggling with duplication in your business and find yourself signing up people who are unmotivated and never take action?


What prevents most people from signing up quality prospects is 2 things:


1)   Not qualifying your prospects.  People seem to think that signing up anyone with a pulse is a great strategy because they see every person they sign up as a great hope to make them rich.  If more people took the time to qualify their prospects and give them realistic expectations then this would at least inspire some people to take more action instead of believing they only have to find 3 people , who find 3 ,who find 3 (which is terribly misleading and only fuels a lot of disappointment and resent).


2)   Not becoming the person they need to become in order to attract the right people who are go getters and leaders.  People spend most of their time in a desperate state just hoping to make a sale instead of focusing on the training and self development required to attract other leaders.



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As much as we would like to believe there is a short cut and we could just post a few posts on Facebook and call a few people and that’s all we had to do, the reality is that you cannot short cut your success.


I have been in the industry for almost 10 years and it took years of frustration and investing in my own education until I became successful.


I sought out leaders who could show me the right way and I spent thousands of dollars and countless hours focusing on my mindset and leadership skills.


If I could tell you the one thing that gave me that edge, it would definitely be the mindset and becoming the person I wanted to attract that made all the difference for me.


See in the video below why you need to focus on this too.



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  1. Michael Crampton says

    This video is a very useful tool in itself, that will save people making a common mistake!

  2. Peter Grimes says


    Great value in all you say. Absolutely most people need to work in those 2 areas.

    Cheers, Peter G

  3. Liz says

    Interesting post Jenni. Very wise words also. People need to click on the link to see awesome training to make themselves into the leaders they aspire to be..

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