Australian MLM Leads

Australian MLM Leads – Are They Worth It?



australian mlm leadsIf you are trying to build a residual income in Network Marketing and you have exhausted your warm market then you might have already looked into Australian MLM Leads. 


Most of us are wired to avoid rejection and therefore many people avoid their friends and family entirely and look for solutions to build their business outside of their warm market.


Having purchased Australian MLM leads previously from some of the well known leads company I can tell you that this can become very expensive  and unfruitful unless your willing to spend your entire day calling leads.


How are Australian MLM Leads Collected?


Most of the leads are collected through 3rd party websites that offer incentives such as free laptops or prizes for people to fill in their information and when you call them they have no clue who you are and why you are calling them and this becomes very frustrating.


Unfortunately many people can lose a lot of money when cold calling leads because they do not posses the skills to close cold leads and those leads are often sold to more than just one person so they are outdated and often the prospects are just curious and not really serious.



How to Find Targeted Australian MLM Leads


Whilst the warm market to warm market has created a lot of success for many entrepreneurs in Network Marketing , there are also a lot of people who struggle with the offline techniques and much more suited to the ‘pull’ marketing and being able to convert leads that come to them.


I was one of them. I felt very uncomfortable wearing a button and trying to harass people on the street. Fortunately I found a way of generating my own Australian mlm leads online and have generated thousands and thousands of targeted leads that are all the exact target market we need to build our business.


Here are some of the ways you can generate leads online and specifically target other networkers who are actively looking for solutions:


1)   Blogging –  This method is not instant but long term one of the most effective ways of generating leads online because not only are they free leads, but highly targeted and qualified leads who are looking for solutions or ways to start in Network Marketing.


2)   Facebook  –  Facebook has over 1 billion users and a large many of Facebook users spend a huge amount of time on Facebook. There are a few different ways you can effectively generate highly targeted leads on Facebook if you learn from the right people.

3) YouTube –  video marketing is also a very powerful marketing strategy that can pull many leads to you as people get to know , like and trust you through video.  Create short enticing videos with strong call to action at the end and send them to your capture page.       


These are just 3 ways of creating lead generation online. Learning the skills to generate hundreds of leads every week will allow you the freedom to build whatever business you want. The Internet Lifestyle Network  gives you step by step training on marketing and mindset so you can learn to generate your own  Australian MLM Leads online. 


  1. Daria Jackson says

    Hi Jenni,
    MLSP is the best marketing system for people that are looking to learn online Marketing. Keeping it simple is best. Great post!

  2. Viola Tam says

    Hi Jenni,

    Coming from a place where I had learned the skills to enrol, gone through my warm market, I chose to go down to path of calling leads. I must admit that it is my of the most time and money consuming activities that I have done.

    My aim then was to enrol stronger leaders into my organization so that team growth can be much faster. I managed to enrol 5 people after trying a number of lead vendors. Yet, done of them stayed long enough to even really get into working the business!

    What a wonderful success tips! I am now generating my own leads through real life networking and blogging. Though blogging helps me to generate targeted leads, I have found out from other leaders that Facebook connecting allows us to do more active prospecting. I have also just finished a Linked-In workshop in order to expand my reach to professionals.

    Great post, Jenni. Thanks for sharing!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum (Sydney)

    • Jenni Ryan says

      Hi Viola

      Thanks for your comment and sharing your experience. My 2 favourite forms of lead generation are also blogging and actively meeting people on Facebook. The combination of the 2 is very powerful .

  3. Bob Thorley says

    Hi Jenni, Facebook certainly works for a lot of marketers but I’ve never really taken to it. However, I do agree that communicating with active marketers is very powerful, especially if you can offer something that will help their marketing.

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